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This is a picture of something I did at my school last year. I wrote out 1,986 sticky notes that each said “You’re beautiful” and stuck one to every locker in my entire school. I was so sick of people saying they weren’t beautiful, and I was so sick of people feeling bad about themselves. For one day, I wanted everyone to feel beautiful. So I did it. It took me over 6 hours to write them all, and an hour to stick them all. I never intended for anyone to find out it was me, but when I was found on camera for doing it and called to the deans office, everyone found out. They threatened a three day suspension. The students made a petition with over 600 signatures. It was amazing. For one day, I felt beautiful. And for one day, I managed to make every kid in my school smile. Every locker got one. Everyone is beautiful.

A few days later, I Had someone, a complete stranger approach me. And she told me, “That day, I was planning on killing myself. I had given up completely on society. Because of you I didn’t. You gave me hope. Thank you.”

She is now one of my best friends.

I want nothing more than for all of my followers/ friends to see this. You’re beautiful. Thank you. 

I’m doing this.

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